Finding Value in Used Robotic Equipment


Buying used robots and used robotic equipment has become common practice for many businesses and shops. It’s easy to understand why – buying used robots and equipment offers a number of advantages over buying new models. RobotWorx understands these advantages and is able to pass them on to costumers.

Most obviously, buying used robots and used robotic equipment is more affordable. RobotWorx sells used robots for 60% less than the purchase price of a new robot. This low initial cost leads to a great return on investment for the companies buying these used robots. In fact, because used robots can be purchased relatively inexpensively, many companies have been able to venture into automation for the first time. When considering moving to automation, companies must consider not only the initial purchase price, but also the cost of upkeep. This is another area where used robots have the upper hand. When parts need to be fixed or replaced there is a larger supply of used parts than new parts. Also, companies are not forced to buy directly from the manufacturer when it comes to buying the parts – they are able to shop around and find the lowest cost.

Used robots and used robotic equipment offer buyers the freedom to search several manufacturing brands. RobotWorx sells used robots and parts from an assortment of manufacturers including FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and many more. Also, because the used robot maket does not limit itself to any specific year or robot generation, buyers are able to find exactly what they need, apart from current trends.

Any hesitation over purchasing a used robot is easily dismissed when the buyer understands the process each used robot goes through before it is sold. Every robot is fully inspected, reworked, and tested for repeatability and performance. RobotWorx technicians carefully guide each used robot through a comprehensive reconditioning and inspection report. On top of that, used robots come complete with the RobotWorx Value Package.

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