First ABB Robot Manufactured and Purchased in America


Two years ago, ABB made it known that a major industrial robot company in America, Auburn Hills, of Indiana, would begin producing industrial robots in America!  ABB is now proud to announce that this commitment has come true; they are on track with the original production schedule they announced at the factory opening.

Hitachi Powdered Metals USA of Greensburg, IN is the proud new owner of a red, white, and blue ABB IRB 2600robot. This particular IRB 2600 is special as it is the first ABB robot manufactured and sold in the United States.  The IRB2600 was produced at the ABB Auburn Hills, Michigan plant a sold by ABB reseller CIM Systems, Inc.  It is the 180thABB robot at the Hitachi plant and will be used in its new home for material handling of in-process engine component parts.

The ABB IRB 2600 was a great robot to begin with as it is a popular robot with customers as it will surely increase production on your line.  The IRB 2600 has extreme accuracy, fast process speeds, and reduces overall waste. Furthermore, it includes TrueMove software for ultimate motion control that can help cut cycle times by 25%.

The president of ABB’s robotics and motion division, Sami Atiya, marks this sale as a huge milestone for the arrival of ABB’s manufacturing presence in the Americas. Atiya stated, “It is a major step towards our goal of providing local customers with delivery schedules and technical support that are far superior to other robot manufacturers.”

Furthermore, Chief engineer of robots and automation at Hitachi, James Adams, has positioned the robot in a prominent location to honor the purchase of the first U.S. manufactured ABB robot and reflect the passion they have for production in the U.S.  ABB robots have played a very important role in the operation of the plant and Adams states that, “For a company of our size the volume of robots we have is unprecedented. I truly believe that if we didn’t have robots in our facility we wouldn’t be in business today.”

Previously, the ABB robots that were purchased in America were produced in Sweden and China. However, this will not be the case anymore; the future for American produced ABB industrial robots looks very promising with an expected 75% of the robots sold to North American end users manufactured in the United States by 2018.

Furthermore, ABB continues to encourage and push the growth in the U.S. as they also have a packaging application center in Bloomfield, CT, an assembly and test application center in San Jose, CA, and a handling and machining application center in Houston, Texas.

RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of ABB Robotics and offers customers top of the line robots and customer service. They offer both new and used ABB IRB 2600 robots. Each used IRB 2600 goes through a rigorous reconditioning process, bringing it back to mint condition. Additionally, all ABB IRB 2600 robots purchased through RobotWorx include the RobotWorx Value Package.

If you are interested in purchasing ABB robots or workcells, our team of engineers can help customize a robot system.  You can fill out our Contact Form, or call 740-251-4312 for more details.

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