Flexible Manufacturing Lines


Automated production lines now include flexible manufacturing that provides the ability for robots to work on different types of products in the same workcell. Flexible production lines will enhance the set-up investment longevity, maximize the space, increase productivity, and enable increased manufacturing volume.

These ingenious flexible production lines are being installed across the globe, bringing a variety of benefits such as as being able to process multiple variations of a part without manual changeovers. Typically, product revisions require a good deal of additional floor space; flexible production lines remove any need for additional equipment for product revisions.

This allows the same line to manufacture two different versions of a particular component in the same cell. A minor change in parameters no longer would require the part to be manufactured in a different cell or a manual intervention. Different parts could flow through the same line, uninterrupted, with alternate programs being detected and run in real-time. This means that your existing line could process revised parts while also continuing to manufacture the legacy version.

Flexible manufacturing lines also provide for routing flexibility which is the ability for multiple robots to perform the same application on the same part. At RobotWorx, we offer customized, multi-robot workcells based on product requirements.

Furthermore, these flexible production lines provide for more flexibility when there are necessary changes to the product volume. Any application, no matter the size of the robot, will have improved speeds with robots, allowing them to handle higher volumes and adjust more easily to changes.

Overall, you can't go wrong with incorporating a flexible manufacturing line onto your floor; developing a versatile and flexible production line will help you maximize production while also saving valuable floor space.

The sky is the limit; no matter the size of your company. Bringing ultimate flexibility and a variety of configurations to your production line is possible with the right tools and experts. Experts at RobotWorx are ready to find a creative solution for you and bring your business to its full potential with a flexible manufacturing line. RobotWorx representatives take pride in their customer service and ability to work closely with their clients in order to create the best possible solution for their specific line of work.

If you are interested in maximizing your profits even further, than start innovating your technology today; integrate a flexible production line. Contact the experts at RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.

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