Gain an Advantage with Robotic Laser Welding

Welding manufacturing robots

Robotic laser welding is a cost-effective and flexible application for achieving high quality weldments. The combined flexibility of the robotic arm and capabilities of laser welding technology produce very sophisticated results.

In fact, laser welding offers so many advantages that some companies have switched their MIG and other welding applications over to laser welding.

Fast, Precision-Driven Welding:

The speed and accuracy provided by robotic laser welding solutions is unparalleled. The laser beam creates a very deep and precise weld, without inputting as much heat or energy into the material as is necessary for more traditional welding applications. Because the heat-affected zone is so much smaller, the weldment is more precise.

No Touch-Up Necessary:

Welding without having to constantly rework or refinish? Most welding processes require a touch-up so the seam can look better. Not so with laser welding.

Laser welding is extremely focused, which allows it to weld clean. There isn't the distortion in the base material or seam that you often see with other applications. The resulting weldments are more attractive, making this the perfect application for sheet metal applications that require a clean finished look. Finally, with less refinish / machining work to be done, laser welding is able to provide faster production times.


Laser welding is an attractive option because it is not limited to a specific type of metal. Instead, it is suitable for a variety of different base materials. This adds greater flexibility to the application. In another way, robotic laser welding offers extreme flexibility when it comes to welding hard-to-access parts. The focused laser beam is more direct and less damaging to the material.

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