I-Cubed Industry Innovators, Inc. Team up with Motoman to Enhance the North American Waterjet Market

To further enhance the North American WaterJet market, I-Cubed Industry Innovators Inc. and Yaskawa Motoman America, Inc. have teamed up and signed a Robot Supply Agreement (according to www.icubed.biz).

I-Cubed Industry Innovators Inc. was established in 2008 as a high tech machinery manufacturer, operating from Stoney Creek, Ontario in Canada. It is an employee owned corporation that believes in the strength of its people and empowers them with high quality training and creating opportunities to solve new challenges. Their team thrives on these challenges and uses their knowledge base to solve problems provided by customers to develop new systems for innovative industrial automation. I-Cubed provides industrial automation tools centered on custom designed robotic machinery and waterjet equipment. They share facilities with Southport Thermal Components Inc., other experts in the use of waterjet technology.The Robot Supply Agreement will enable I-Cubed to sell robotic waterjet cells to new and existing Motoman customers. It will also help to provide maintenance and retrofit services to Yaskawa Motoman’s existing installed base for Canada, USA, and Mexico within the automotive industry (1).

Waterjet robots can help improve the overall quality of a product and minimize waste. Furthermore, they do not use any chemical solvents and are heat, dust, and smoke-free. Waterjet systems can be used to cut, drill, and clean different materials; they use an EOAT to direct the high pressure stream or jet of water. These systems can run the water in a loop, continuously recycling it, ultimately leading to less wasted product.

Over the years, I-Cubed has integrated countless waterjet robotic solutions using Motoman technology. Their extremely high talent base and long history of waterjet system integration makes this partnership exciting and strong from the start.

I-Cubed feels confident that their years of professional experience with waterjet and other cutting applications will be the perfect match to enhance customer service for this market. Their continual commitment to create and promote high tech solutions for the marketplace, while also increasing their customer base, will bring these businesses to new heights. Yaskawa Motoman and I-Cubed have mutual respect and integrity for all areas of their businesses. Both companies bring the perfect levels of technical expertise and application knowledge to perform necessary goals for large programs.

They know that this partnership will only continue to grow as the years and customers continue to come and go. Both companies desire to continue learning and innovating their abilities, bringing new ideas to the automotive industries. Motoman is proud to continually expand their relationship in the automotive marketplace.

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