Improving Machine Tooling with the ABB FlexMT

Mar 3, 2015

ABB's FlexMT Machine Tooling System has a robot and controller integrated into one large cabinet workcell and can save a manufacturer 60% in labor costs. FlexMT provides a flexible solution that can increase production abilities up to 90 percent. The FlexMT is designed to load and unload machine tools with vision-guided robotics and can handle small batch and volume runs.


Com­pa­nies are con­stant­ly look­ing for ways to improve their machine tool­ing process­es, and ABB Robot­ics has answered their call with the FlexMT Machine Tool­ing Sys­tem, com­plete with robot and con­troller, inte­grat­ed into one large cab­i­net work cell. Not only is this a flex­i­ble solu­tion, but the FlexMT from ABB sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduces labor costs for com­pa­nies, some­times as much as 60 percent. 

The Flex MT max­i­mizes machine tool­ing by opti­miz­ing the amount of prod­uct it can han­dle. Accord­ing to ABB Robot­ics, the FlexMT sys­tem is designed to load and unload machine tools using vision-guid­ed robot­ics, which, along with its choice of two and three fin­ger grip­pers, allows it to han­dle both small batch and vol­ume runs. The vision sys­tem in the FlexMT also allows it to eas­i­ly rec­og­nize vari­a­tions in the shapes and sizes of parts and adjust accordingly.

So, what are some of the advan­tages of using the Flex MT from ABB? As men­tioned above, switch­ing from man­u­al labor to the FlexMT will save you up to 60 per­cent in labor costs. Because of that, it has a near­ly effort­less return on invest­ment, some­times as lit­tle as a year. It also increas­es pro­duc­tion abil­i­ties for your machine tool­ing appli­ca­tion, with some com­pa­nies achiev­ing increas­es up to 90 per­cent, an improve­ment that could nev­er be reached with man­u­al machine tooling.

Anoth­er ben­e­fit of the FlexMT is the abil­i­ty to improve the safe­ty stan­dards in your shop. With this work cell, work­ers will no longer be exposed to haz­ardous con­di­tions like sharp edges, tool­ing, burrs and/​or the pres­ence of chem­i­cals and coolants. Your pro­duc­tion line will also no longer suf­fer slow­downs do to injury-induc­ing actions like heavy lifting.

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