Integrated Dispensing Function Package from ABB

Jul 21, 2015

Dispensing is an industrial process that could always use a little more speed. ABB has answered the call with the ABB Integrated Dispensing Function Package. This integrated Dispensing Function Package brings electrical drive dosers, standard and heated hoses, pumps for material supply, temperature conditioning units, and dispensing applicators to help streamline the overall system. ABB also hopes the Integrated Dispensing Function Package will also decrease complexity while providing increased overall throughput.


Com­pa­nies are always look­ing to speed up their process­es. In fact, that is why so many com­pa­nies choose to switch to inte­grat­ed automa­tion for their pro­duc­tion. Dis­pens­ing is one of many indus­tri­al process­es man­u­fac­tur­ers are look­ing to speed up. Now, ABB has giv­en them a way to enhance the speed of dis­pens­ing appli­ca­tions three times faster than ever before – the ABB Inte­grat­ed Dis­pens­ing Func­tion Package.

Accord­ing to ABB, the robot­ic man­u­fac­tur­er has a long his­to­ry pro­vid­ing robot­ic dis­pens­ing solu­tions to com­pa­nies around the world. Their newest offer­ing – the Inte­grat­ed Dis­pens­ing Func­tion Pack­age – deliv­ers 3X the speed of any con­ven­tion­al robot­ic dis­pens­ing sys­tem. The advan­tages to this pack­age are decreas­es in your cycle times and pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, which allow you to fin­ish more prod­ucts at a faster rate. 

So, how is ABB able to achieve the speed in this new pack­age? It is the only solu­tion on the mar­ket to ful­ly inte­grate the dis­pens­ing con­trol process into the robot con­troller to increase per­for­mance and min­i­mize risk, ABB stat­ed. The Inte­grat­ed Dis­pens­ing Func­tion Pack­age includes elec­tri­cal dri­ven dosers, stan­dard and heat­ed hoses, pumps for mate­r­i­al sup­ply, tem­per­a­ture con­di­tion­ing units, and dis­pens­ing appli­ca­tors. This pack­age is able to stream­line the sys­tem, decreas­ing com­plex­i­ty while increas­ing pro­duc­tion numbers. 

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