Integrated Dispensing Function Package from ABB


Companies are always looking to speed up their processes. In fact, that is why so many companies choose to switch to integrated automation for their production. Dispensing is one of many industrial processes manufacturers are looking to speed up. Now, ABB has given them a way to enhance the speed of dispensing applications three times faster than ever before – the ABB Integrated Dispensing Function Package.

According to ABB, the robotic manufacturer has a long history providing robotic dispensing solutions to companies around the world. Their newest offering – the Integrated Dispensing Function Package – delivers 3X the speed of any conventional robotic dispensing system. The advantages to this package are decreases in your cycle times and productivity, which allow you to finish more products at a faster rate.

So, how is ABB able to achieve the speed in this new package? It is the only solution on the market to fully integrate the dispensing control process into the robot controller to increase performance and minimize risk, ABB stated. The Integrated Dispensing Function Package includes electrical driven dosers, standard and heated hoses, pumps for material supply, temperature conditioning units, and dispensing applicators. This package is able to streamline the system, decreasing complexity while increasing production numbers.

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