Is Your Robot Happy and Healthy?


Keeping your robot in a good mood is easier than you'd think. A little TLC goes a long way. Follow these robotic maintenance tips and your robot will enjoy a long, stress-free life.

Good Hygiene:

Does your robot need a shower? Whether it's welding spatter, dirt and/or dust, material can accumulate on the exterior of the manipulator, controller, and teach pendant. It's a good practice to routinely clean the outside of your robot, especially if it is working in a messy environment. Make sure material doesn't build up and interfere with functionality.

Periodic, thorough inspections of the robot's exterior will allow you to prevent future problems. Check all cabling for wearing or ripping. Make sure all connections are intact.

Strong Joints:

Is your robot experiencing joint pain? While inspecting your robot, pay close attention to the axes. If your robot has planetary gear reduction units, the grease should be replaced yearly. Grease replenishment will keep the robot limber - dramatically impacting accuracy, repeatability and overall productivity.

Stress Test:

You don't need a treadmill to run your robot through its paces. Make sure to check for any alarm codes. Double check that the robot's home position is calibrated correctly and it functions flawlessly throughout its entire range of movement.

Mental Health:

Take care of your robot's brain. It's important to periodically inspect the inside of the controller cabinet, making sure all the wiring and connections are intact. On the robot itself, the internal health of certain components (arm battery, timing belts, servo cooling fans etc.) must be checked annually.

Frequent Check-ups:

In addition to yearly examinations, most industrial robots require an intense inspection every three years. Check your robot manual for specific checklists.

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