KUKA Shelf-Mounted Robots: K Series


They may be shelf-mounted robots, but don't expect the KUKA K series to just sit there. These robots are prepared to take charge, slash cycle times, and boost productivity. From spot welding to material handling, coating to machine tending, this line of robots offers powerful, versatile solutions.

Engineered for Strength

The KUKA K robot series can handle larger payloads up to 210kg, thanks to specially enhanced gears, motors, and servo drives.

Designed for Dexterity

Even with their powerful build, these shelf-mounted robots provide exceptional part accessibility and a low weight. This makes them the perfect match for machine tending applications. Because they are lightweight, K type robots can be installed directly on top of machines - saving space. While not as extreme as the KS shelf-mounted robots, K type robots do feature a forward positioned second axis and lower base. This too allows for better dexterity.

Quite a Few to Choose From

KUKA K robots are available in 31 different versions with three standard models: the KR 150 K, KR180 K, and KR 210 K. The vast product line includes long reach, cleanroom, and foundry models. Payloads range from 100 to 210kg and reach from 3,100mm to 3,900mm.

Interested in a KUKA shelf-mounted robot? Contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 877-762-6881.

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