Lincoln Electric Launches A New Welding Workcell Line: Fab-Pak

Lincoln Electric has created a Fab-Pak line that includes multiple robot welding cell options to help accomplish a wide range of needs. The variety in this Fab-Pak line helps tackle challenges often seen in the automation welding industry. This includes competition for market share, demand for high quality products, the need for increased productivity and efficiency, and the limited availability of skilled labor.


If you are interested in improving your manufacturing line, check out the following options in the Fab-Pak line:

  • The Fab-Pak FT Single or Dual Zone Fixed-Table System will improve productivity, quality, and safety to produce small to medium-sized parts that do not need rotation or repositioning. This system is shipped completely assembled with very little necessary installation.
  • The Fab-Pak XFT Turntable System offers a 180-degree rotating work area turntable to help increase throughput efficiency while also optimizing floor space. It features a single load and unload area with two independent work zones. The XFT Turntable System is idea for small to medium-sized parts that don’t need reorientation. The positioner is nearly maintenance-free, helping to save on costs and decrease the chance of mechanical component failure.
  • The Fab-Pak FHS Fixed-Headstock System can weld medium- to large-sized parts that require reorientation to axis all welds. They are available in either single or dual zone as well as side-to-side or back-to-back configurations.
  • The Fab-Pak XHS H-Frame System is a two zone with a center or rear mounted robot on an H-Frame positioner. It helps to improve productivity, quality, and safety during part production.
  • The Fab-Pak FW Dual Headstock/Triple Axis System is a two-zone system with headstocks in each zone for part reorientation. This dramatically enhances part production by improving productivity, quality, and safety.
  • The Fab-Pak Cell Control offers an affordable, entry level operator interface (HMI). This helps to provide all the maintenance, safety, and productivity that your production line has been waiting for.

If you think that your production line could benefit from one of Lincoln Electric's Fab-Pak systems, contact RobotWorx experts today. RobotWorx takes pride in their customer support; they will listen to your specific needs and point you towards the solution that will bring you increased productivity. Robotworx representatives are available online or at 877-762-6881.