Low Cost Robot Systems: The Economic Solution


Nearly every business is feeling the crunch of tough times right now. Don't let economic uncertainty force your company to fall behind. Now's the time to automate, not hibernate!

Lower cost used robotic systems offer a more affordable, yet reliable, way to remain competitive. They are an inexpensive alternative to relocating your company overseas or downsizing. Explore the top reasons to choose low cost robot systems:

Low Initial Investment

Low cost robotic systems are the most affordable way to automate. When you buy a reconditioned robot system you can save as much as 60% off the cost of a comparable new robot system.

High ROI

The initial investment is not only affordable, it is pays for itself many times over! Because of their low cost and incredible reliability, used robots offer an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Better Productivity

Remain in the competition by producing more product. Because of their repeatability, speed, and consistency, low cost used robotic systems allow you to streamline your process. This often leads to increases in cycle time, throughput, and overall output.

Top Quality

Used robots are capable of performing applications with great dexterity and precision. Robot repeatability guarantees high quality results at all times. Automation allows you to conserve materials, further minimizing costs.

Greater Part Accessibility

Choose used robots and you can save on maintenance costs too. Replacement parts for used robotic systems are readily available and more affordable. RobotWorx offers a full inventory of used robotic parts at inexpensive prices.


Are your robot programmers familiar with specific robot software? If so, you can save a considerable amount of time and cost by buying used robotic systems with software your technicians know.

Workforce Restructuring/Safety

Robots are reliable, tireless workers that don't require breaks, insurance, or vacations. With an affordable used robotic system you can redirect your entire workforce to jobs with more responsibilities. Since robots take over repetitive, dangerous jobs, they help you save on insurance and accident costs.

Interesting in more information about conserving your company's resources and staying ahead of the pack? Contact RobotWorx sales department online or at 740-251-4327 and visit our online inventory.

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