Manufacturing Jobs Initiative Launched by the White House


In honor of President's Day weekend, we thought it would be fitting to discuss the new job plans that are brewing among the new administration. We are happy to see that President Trump announced, on Jan. 27, 2017, from the press office of the White House, that part of his overall job creation plan will include the launch of a Manufacturing Jobs Initiative. 

Industrial robots are undoubtedly continuing to prove their supremacy in America and across the globe. They are succeeding on all types of factory floors, proving to bring undeniable benefits to companies big and small. These benefits includes faster throughput, energy savings, lower costs, and a more consistent product.  

The product advantages that industrial robots are bringing to the production lines don't stop there...on top of it all lays a wide range of new and different job opportunities that are growing within the automation job industry. The robotic jobs are the jobs of the future...robotic automation will only continue to grow at exponential rates and the robot economy will continue to invent jobs we can’t even dream of, today.  Trump's goal is to capitalize on this inevitable industrial robotic job growth. 

To begin enacting this initiative, the President will bring together some of the world’s most creative and successful business leaders to share experiences and gain their insights. His campaign has promised to create manufacturing jobs, including robotics jobs, in the United States. Industrial robot jobs should be coming back, however workers will need a high skill set to work with these complex, intelligent machines.  The skills necessary for these robotic jobs will bring a higher pay than previously seen among manufacturing jobs.

The President will aim to continually seek information and perspectives from a diverse range of business leaders; seeking knowledge on how to best promote job growth and get Americans back to work again. Experts believe that if things are done properly, then the boosting of manufacturing jobs will be able to occur.

The repair of the rust belt and helping Americans get back to work are key themes of President Trump’s administration. We are looking forward to seeing this come true in the near future. RobotWorx takes pride in offering a multitude of robotic jobs for people in the automation industry. RobotWorx experts also excel in providing a variety of manufacturing robots for all types of companies, big and small.  

Contact RobotWorx today to find out about the job opportunities available and the wide range of robots they offer! RobotWorx representatives are available online or at 750-241-4312.                       

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