Meet the KUKA smartPAD


Easy to use and ever so hip, the KUKA smartPAD offers a fresh approach to robotic teach pendant technology. A number of hardware and software enhancements make KUKA's new product unique.

Robot operators will appreciate the KUKA smartPAD's ergonomic, colorful, and highly-interactive design. Plus, the smartPAD isn't heavy; it weighs just 1,000grams.

Commands are easily inputted using multifunction keys, a 6D mouse, and the antireflection touch screen. KUKA has designed the smartPAD with more flexibility, allowing keys and graphical interfaces to work in multiple,context-driven modes.

A hot-plug feature allows the smartPAD to be detached from a running robot system when it is not in use. This capability increases overall safety and makes it possible to use the same pendant for multiple workcells.

Other hardware features include an integrated USB port and two additional axis switches so a total of eight axes can be controlled through keys.

Find out more about the smartPAD and other emerging KUKA products by contacting RobotWorx: 877-762-6881 or reach their experts online.

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