Motoman Robotics Releases MyMotoman Monitoring


With Motoman Robotics' new MyMotoman Remote Monitoring Service, companies can choose when, where, and what to use to check in on their robotic equipment. MyMotoman utilizes cloud computing technology which allows users to access the service using only an Internet connection and their unique login information. 

This remote support service makes it possible for owners of Motoman robots to be aware of any alerts and production issues right when they are happening. It helps companies avoid costly downtime because they can more easily predict and resolve production problems and attend to maintenance issues when they arise. MyMotoman makes lights-out production a viable option.

MyMotoman Remote Monitoring Service is accessible 24/7 from any location and with any device (iPhone, laptop, home computer, etc.). There is no need for fancy new equipment, software, or personnel. Extremely versatile, MyMotoman can be used by companies in any industry and for Motoman robots performing any application. The MyMotoman service is customizable, so users can set up specific alerts and configure different views. Upgrades are automatic and all appropriate security measures are followed (encryption, user authentication, etc.).

Find out more about Motoman Robotics’ new product hereRobotWorx is a Motoman Solution Provider. For more information about Motoman robots and software, contact the sales department online or at 740-251-4312. 

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