Our Favorite Week of the Year!

At RobotWorx, we celebrate robots 365 days a year, however, this upcoming week is our very favorite holiday; it is National Robotics Week! On April 2-10, people of all ages get together across the country to honor robots with fun events and activities.  This week enables demonstration of how advantageous and imperative robots are to every part of our rapidly advancing culture.

Celebrating robots for an entire week each year promotes public education on the current and future societal impacts of automation.  For instance, it is estimated that 1.3 million industrial robots will be arriving in factories worldwide by 2018.  These numbers alone are proof that robots are quickly spreading to all applications.  We hope that these facts also ignite new funding interests to aid innovative research and further development of robotic technology.

A full week of nation-wide celebrations also allows us to reflect on our country’s accomplishments and stand proud as the current leader in robotics technology development. America’s hard work and dedication to the robotics industry is reflected in that fact that the robot orders have increased by 14% in units and 11% in dollars since 2014. In addition, shipments are up by 10% in units and 9% in dollars. There are an estimated 260,000 robots being used in factories across America, ranking the US 3rd to Japan and China; this is most definitely something to celebrate!

Most importantly, during this week, we hope to inspire children to chase careers in robotics or related science, technology, engineering and/or math-related fields. It is our wish that this week is the gateway to observing the significance of robotics and learning how to become future advocates in career fields for automation. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the robotic industry is actually creating new jobs and correlating to a decrease in unemployment. Industrial robotics are opening up many job opportunities for engineers, technicians, project managers, sales representatives, customer service representatives, marketing representatives, accountants, and more.

We are so proud of the robotics advancements seen in the United States and across the globe! There is no better time than now to learn about and immerse your business with automation! Contact RobotWorx representatives today: 740-241-4312 or online

Happy National Robotics Week! Click here to find a celebration event near you!

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