Preventive Maintenance Video All About Robot Cables


A key component of robotic preventive maintenance involves keeping cables in tip-top shape. Cables ferry information and power to and from the teach pendant, controller, and manipulator. They are vital to the functionality of any industrial robot.

Robotic cables are also expensive and time-consuming to replace. Avoid unnecessary downtime and cost by following a few simple preventive measures.  Here's an overview of some of the topics covered:

Why To Check Robot Cables Daily:
It's important to inspect robot cables every day for excessive wear and cracking. Even slightly damaged cables can lead to robot malfunctions. They can also create an unsafe work environment.

Where to Look and What to Look for:
Check robot cables at each manipulator joint and at any place where they bend. It is best for robotic cabling to follow a natural pathway, be routed away from traffic and away from tooling and other peripherals.

A Few More Things to Remember:
Robot cables should fit closely to the robotic arm. Any excess cabling should be coiled neatly and stored out of the way and near the robot controller. Cables that are connected to the base of the robot should be supported with brackets to avoid wear.

For more information about robotic cable care, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 or online.

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