Program Off-Line with ABB RobotStudio


If you are looking for a great way to maximize ROI for your robot systems, look no further than ABB's offline programming system, RobotStudio.

What is RobotStudio?

RobotStudio enables the robot programming, training, and optimization to be done on a PC in an office without disturbing production.

How does RobotStudio Work?

This innovative robotic program is a PC application for modeling, offline programming, and the simulation of robot cells. It enables the user to work with an off-line controller, a virtual IRC5 controller (VC), running locally on your PC. RobotStudio uses the exact copy of the real software that runs your robots during production. This enables incredibly realistic simulations to be conducted using the actual robot programs and file configurations that are used on the shop floor.

RobotStudio also enables work with the real physical IRC5 controller, the real controller in an online mode. When there is no real controller connected, or if a virtual controller is, RobotStudio is in an offline mode.

RobotStudio Options

RobotStudio offers the following installation options: Complete- custom, allowing user-customized contents and paths or Minimal- allowing you to run RobotStudio in online mode only.

ABB's RobotStudio software includes features for multiple robot and multiple controller programming, it also allows you to work with different CAD formats. A few specific programming features - AutoPath and AutoReach - allow the robot programmer to save time and effort by generating robot paths and workcell layouts automatically.

RobotStudio Benefits

ABB's RobotStudio will truly enhance your production line, bringing countless benefits such as helping to reduce risk, enhance the start-up process, decrease the change-over times, and increase the overall productivity.

Ultimately, RobotStudio allows you to become more flexible, safe, fast, and productive. It allows you to perfect your programming. Better programming leads to more accurate applications and higher quality products. Saving valuable time, the RobotStudio streamlines changeovers, product switches, start-ups, and much more. Instead of stopping production to troubleshoot, train, change, or reprogram, RobotStudio allows you to work directly from your PC, what more could you ask for?

Contact RobotWorx

If you have more questions about offline programming or would like to speak with an expert, contact RobotWorx for more information. The representatives at RobotWorx are looking forward to talking to you about ABB RobotStudio or other off-line programming software. Give us a call at 740-251-4312 or contact experts online.

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