Program Off-Line with ABB RobotStudio

Oct 6, 2008

ABB RobotStudio allows robot programming, training, and optimization to be done on a PC without disturbing the product. RobotStudio is to be used for modeling, offline programming, and the simulation of robot cells. It enables realistic simulations to be conducted using the actual robot programs an dfile configurations that are used on the shop floor.


If you are look­ing for a great way to max­i­mize ROI for your robot sys­tems, look no fur­ther than ABB’s offline pro­gram­ming sys­tem, RobotStudio. 

What is RobotStudio?

Robot­Stu­dio enables the robot pro­gram­ming, train­ing, and opti­miza­tion to be done on a PC in an office with­out dis­turb­ing production. 

How does Robot­Stu­dio Work?

This inno­v­a­tive robot­ic pro­gram is a PC appli­ca­tion for mod­el­ing, offline pro­gram­ming, and the sim­u­la­tion of robot cells. It enables the user to work with an off-line con­troller, a vir­tu­al IRC5 con­troller (VC), run­ning local­ly on your PC. Robot­Stu­dio uses the exact copy of the real soft­ware that runs your robots dur­ing pro­duc­tion. This enables incred­i­bly real­is­tic sim­u­la­tions to be con­duct­ed using the actu­al robot pro­grams and file con­fig­u­ra­tions that are used on the shop floor. 

Robot­Stu­dio also enables work with the real phys­i­cal IRC5 con­troller, the real con­troller in an online mode. When there is no real con­troller con­nect­ed, or if a vir­tu­al con­troller is, Robot­Stu­dio is in an offline mode. 

Robot­Stu­dio Options

Robot­Stu­dio offers the fol­low­ing instal­la­tion options: Com­plete- cus­tom, allow­ing user-cus­tomized con­tents and paths or Min­i­mal- allow­ing you to run Robot­Stu­dio in online mode only.

ABB’s Robot­Stu­dio soft­ware includes fea­tures for mul­ti­ple robot and mul­ti­ple con­troller pro­gram­ming, it also allows you to work with dif­fer­ent CAD for­mats. A few spe­cif­ic pro­gram­ming fea­tures — AutoPath and AutoRe­ach — allow the robot pro­gram­mer to save time and effort by gen­er­at­ing robot paths and work­cell lay­outs automatically.

Robot­Stu­dio Benefits

ABB’s Robot­Stu­dio will tru­ly enhance your pro­duc­tion line, bring­ing count­less ben­e­fits such as help­ing to reduce risk, enhance the start-up process, decrease the change-over times, and increase the over­all productivity. 

Ulti­mate­ly, Robot­Stu­dio allows you to become more flex­i­ble, safe, fast, and pro­duc­tive. It allows you to per­fect your pro­gram­ming. Bet­ter pro­gram­ming leads to more accu­rate appli­ca­tions and high­er qual­i­ty prod­ucts. Sav­ing valu­able time, the Robot­Stu­dio stream­lines changeovers, prod­uct switch­es, start-ups, and much more. Instead of stop­ping pro­duc­tion to trou­bleshoot, train, change, or repro­gram, Robot­Stu­dio allows you to work direct­ly from your PC, what more could you ask for?

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