Rebuilt Robots, the Affordable Answer


Rebuilt robots offer good performance at a low price. RobotWorx gives robots a second lease on life through reconditioning. Not only are rebuilt robots cheaper, they're reliable and include warranties based on the customer's requirements.

The Rebuilding Process:
Much like used automobiles, all it takes is the right mechanical tune-up to make rebuilt robots ready for action. RobotWorx' staff has the right expertise. Our reconditioning process includes complete repeatability, run-time, and accuracy testing. We clean every robot, replace the grease, and add a fresh coat of paint. All connections, cabling, circuit boards, servo motors, etc. are inspected thoroughly and replaced if necessary. The result? Rebuilt robots continue to prove themselves a low-cost, reliable option.

Catering To Your Part/Job:
Our customers appreciate the attention to detail that our technicians provide. Not only are our rebuilt robots tested and inspected thoroughly, we offer customization. Per the customer's request, we can outfit rebuilt robots with the tooling and programming necessary to perform specific applications, from welding and material handling to plasma cutting or machine loading.

Take Your Pick:
RobotWorx' collection of rebuilt robots includes models from Motoman, Universal Robots, ABB, FANUC, KUKA, and many other brands. Looking for rebuilt robots that cost less? Check out our prices by calling 740-251-4312 or contact representatives online.

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