Robotic Tool Changers

Mar 6, 2008

​A robotic tool changer allows the robot to switch EOAT automatically. The tool changer is fast and easy, providing time savings and increased flexibility. Tool changers are designed for longevity and top-level repeatability.


Don’t restrict your robot to one tool. A tool chang­er gives your robot the abil­i­ty to switch EOAT (end of arm tool­ing) auto­mat­i­cal­ly with ease and speed.

This fea­ture alone will save time and add flex­i­bil­i­ty to any robot­ic sys­tem. Tool chang­ers are designed for longevi­ty and top-lev­el repeata­bil­i­ty.

How do you decide which robot­ic tool chang­er is right for your tools, robot, sys­tem, part? There are num­ber of things to con­sid­er when choos­ing a robot­ic tool changer:

Capac­i­ty: The strength of tool chang­ers varies accord­ing to their moment capac­i­ty. Make sure your tool chang­er can work well with your robot, tool­ing, part.

Envi­ron­ment: You must con­sid­er envi­ron­ment fac­tors like expo­sure to chem­i­cals and tem­per­a­ture changes, and make sure your tool chang­er can with­stand them.

Air/​Power Sup­ply: Make sure you have met all the pneu­mat­ic and elec­tri­cal needs of your tool chang­er. Tool chang­ers should be as reli­able and safe as the robot they are con­nect­ed to. They should have safe­ty fea­tures that keep tool­ing secure regard­less of pow­er and air sup­ply fail­ures.
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