Robots for Injection Molding Applications


When it comes to engineering the right robotic solution for injection molding, manufacturers can get creative with their railing-mounting, axis positions, and/or dual arms solution options.


Rail-mounted robots and injection molding machines are a winning combination. Robots that are attached to rails take up less room and can cover large distances very effectively and quickly. Their expandable range is helpful when it comes to loading and unloading parts to and from the injection molding machine and other conveyors, etc.

FANUC and KUKA have created a selection of rail-mounted robots that work very well with injection molding machines. They include the M16iB/20TM-710iC/TSR Mate 200i, as well as the R-2000iB/200T. KUKA's Jet series (KR 30 jet and KR 60 jet) provides rail-mounted flexibility for this application.   

Axis Two

Many robots for injection molding applications feature modifications to the standard 6-axis structure, namely the robot is positioned lower and the second axis is moved forward. This gives the robots a deeper work envelope, perfect for injection mold machine tending. 

The Motoman EPH press series, KUKA shelf-mounted KS and K series, as well as ABB's IRB 1600, IRB 4400, and IRB 6650 robots provide exceptional flexibility thanks to altered 6-axis design.


Another robot alternative for tending injection molding applications is a Motoman dual arm robot. Uniquely designed, dual-arm robots provide 15 axes of movement, exceptional part accessibility, and speed. Motoman's dual-arm robots include the DA9iC, SDA10D and SDA20D.

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