The Ever-Changing Landscape of Robot Technology


"New robot technology” is something that we see on a regular basis in the industrial world these days. Companies are continually innovating, making robots faster, more accurate, and even more environmentally-friendly. As the face of the industrial robotics world changes, so does the rest of the robotics universe – putting technology that started in the manufacturing industry, into the hands of those in other industries.

There are robots everywhere now – in banks, in movie theaters, and even in our homes. With the new breakthroughs in touch and vision sensor technologies, these robots are also moving into the service field – taking over as cooks, waitresses, and bartenders.

However, it is the changes in these new technologies for industrial robotics that is the real step into a brave new world for manufacturing and processing. Touch and vision sensors allow the robot to reach a level of consistency and accuracy that was thought unattainable in the past, while also making robots with these advanced technologies safer than ever before.

One of the most important parts of any robot work cell is safety equipment. In many cases, that includes caging or fencing, but that could all be changing. With improvements in sensor technology, as well as innovations in area scanners and other “invisible” safety equipment, those cages are starting to come down, and manufacturing is shifting into a time where human workers may be able to directly interact with robots. There are even new safety guidelines from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) that allow for these interactions, because of improved touch and motion sensors available on certain robot models.

Overall, new robot technology is a constant conversation that is forever changing and shifting. While this year, it may be touch sensors, next year, it could be a way to make robots even faster, or a way to make them more efficient by adding an eighth axis. You never know what the future could hold, but it is definitely one exciting ride.

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