The Motoman HC10 offers Safety and Flexibility

Motoman HC10 cobot

Motoman’s new collaborative robot, the six-axis HC10, offers flexible and affordable task automation. Motoman has a long history of designing robots that are durable, reliable, and offer minimal downtime and the collaborative HC10 offers all of that and more!

Collaborative robots were designed to help increase productivity when working with humans, while also ensuring ultimate safety and an effective un-caged work environment. The Motoman HC10 brings all of the above and more.

It offers a 10kg payload, 1,200 mm reach, and can tackle a variety of applications such as material handling, machine tending, or light assembly tasks. There are a variety of function-specific tooling options available based on specific needs on the production line.

The HC10 also has several safety features ensuring the utmost safety when working with or near human workers. For example, the Motoman HC10 has power and force limiting technology that enables it to stop in the event of contact with an operator. It has through-arm utilities to help hide cabling and increase safety by reducing snagging or interference with other equipment. The HC10 was also designed to eliminate operator pinch points and has dual torque sensors in all joints to help monitor force constantly and enable a quick reaction to contact.

The HC10 is highly configurable; users can also hand-guide the HC10 robot to teach it new program paths with the Easy Teach software. This software enables quick deployment or redeployment on demand which helps to decrease downtime and increase overall ROI.

Advantages of the HC10 don’t stop there, the cycle times are optimized based upon risk assessment and process requirements, whether the robot is operating at full speed or collaborative speed.

Controlling the HC10 robot is the high-performance but compact YRC1000 controller. It has improved design features to help the ergonomics and decrease the weight. The YRC1000 controller also increases work efficiency with its 50% improved I/O communication speeds. It also has a single controller-to-robot cable to help improve cable reliability. If that isn’t enough, this new controller is built to a global standard and doesn’t require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380 VAC to 480 VAC.

If you are looking for a collaborative robot, the HC10 is the choice for you! Contact RobotWorx experts online or at 877-762-6881 to find out how it will bring your production line flexibility, cost savings, space savings, and more!

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