The National Robotics Challenge

One of the twelve contests put on by the National Robotics Challenge is going to be held in RobotWorx’ hometown of Marion, Ohio! From April 12-14, 2018, at the Marion County Fairgrounds, future inventors and engineers will bring their best automation game to this grand event. 

National Robot Competition

The National Robotics Challenge was created to inspire and encourage the upcoming generation about the power, marvel, and importance of robotics in our future. It began in 1986 and has since committed to introducing robotics and building the pipeline for future innovators and engineers from 6th grade to graduate school. This range of ages allows the annual attendees to continue learning from both the young and the old. It also helps to motivate and encourage those first entering the robotics world by networking with students at the next level.

Furthermore, the NRC competition is affordable as the entry fees are low. It also reinforces ingenuity as there is no official kit to buy. This allows more money to be spent on specific materials or necessary equipment to build robots. The National Robotics Challenge was created under the belief that engineering is about finding the perfect materials and equipment best fit for the problem you are given instead of re-arranging the same parts that everyone has to buy. This ethos has served the robotics community well, providing encouragement and recognition for outstanding and unique robotic creations.  

Industrial robots are continuing to change the manufacturing environment across the globe. With this change comes the need for robotic jobs such as engineers, system maintenance, computer programmers, and more. It is the hope of the National Robotics Challenge and those at RobotWorx, that any exposure to robotics will help bring a desire to get involved in this quickly growing industry. 

RobotWorx loves what the National Robotics Challenge is doing to teach and expose robotics to the future generation. For this reason, RobotWorx is proud to be a Sustaining Partner with the National Robotics Challenge. 

The staff at RobotWorx work hard to contribute in ways that encourage an inspirational future filled with automation in the quickly evolving manual to automation manufacturing environment. To further reflect our pride in the community and in automation, the staff and volunteers from RobotWorx are offering an After Hours Open House for people of all ages to come and tour the facility. RobotWorx is full of robotic exhibits, engineers, and more! This open house will further provide a great perspective on just how broad industrial robot careers can go. Come on in and dive deeper into the robotics world-We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 or reach representatives online.

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