Three Automation Advantages That Can Save Your Company


In an economy where factories are closing, jobs are being outsourced, and companies are struggling to stay afloat, any advantage that can be gained from a new process needs to be considered. Industrial automation and the use of industrial robots provide three key advantages that help industrial companies stay in business and be competitive.

Increased Productivity and Lean Manufacturing

Industrial robots and robotic systems work at a pace set by the user.  If production needs speed up, the user simply programs the robots to work faster. Similarly, if production needs to be slowed down, the robot can accommodate. This variability in production speeds leads to a leaner manufacturing environment. If the market calls for it, industrial robots can work for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They do not get tired, do not need breaks, and do not require sick or vacation leave.

Skilled Workforce

You might be thinking that the integration of industrial robots and robotic systems leads to a reduction in a company’s workforce. This is not necessarily true. For example, if a company integrated a robotic welding workcell, parts will still need to be loaded and unloaded. Human workers still need to work with the robots to achieve production goals. Also, the robot will not program itself. Workers who previously performed the repetitive task can now be trained to be robot operators and programmers.

Quick ROI 

There is no getting around it… Industrial robots typically require a high initial cost. But don’t worry… That initial investment will be made back quickly. A typical return on investment (ROI) for an industrial robot or robotic system is six months. In other words, about six months after purchasing an industrial robot, a company should have made its money back through increased production and decreased overhead costs.

These key advantages not only help companies meet their bottom line, but they help keep companies and jobs in America. Instead of outsourcing jobs to other countries, industrial robots provide the savings and productivity required to keep jobs in America and help stimulate the economy.

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