Topsy Turvy: Invert Mounted Robots


Invert-mounting a robot offers many benefits. If you are considering this option, here's what you need to know.

A robot does not have to be gantry styled to work from above. Many, although not all, standard industrial robot models are capable of being installed upside down.

The Mechanics:

Inverted robots must be secured to a surface (preferably a steel plate). This platform will have to be able to handle the weight of the robot plus any inertia created when the robot moves. A solid, substantial platform is required to maintain repeatability. Specific requirements vary by model. Please consult the appropriate robot literature.

Advantages of Inverted Mount Robots:

Accessibility: Invert-mount robots provide better accessibility to large and hard to reach parts. They are ideal for machine tending applications in particular.

Footprint: Robots hung from above save floorspace. Condense the overall footprint of your workcell with an invert-mount robot.

Maintenance: Maintaining machines, positioners, and conveyors is less of a hassle with the robot up and out of the way.

A Few Changes with Invert-Mount Robots

Functionality: In general, robot functionality is unaltered by inverted mounting. However, keep in might that depending on where you're installing your invert mount robot, some axes of movement may be limited and the available payload may be slightly altered.

Preventive Maintenance: It's important to remember that greasing an invert mount industrial robot is reversed. Switch labeling so your grease input location is opposite (in is out, out is in).

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