Update from the IEEE at UIC Robotics Team


RobotWorx is proud to support the IEEE at UIC Robotics Team. This academic year, the group of college students designed, built, and entered a robot in the Jerry Sanders Design Competition. They returned from the college design competition inspired and ready to build an even better entry for next year.

Unexpected Challenges:

IEEE at UIC Robotics team member, Michal Talarczyk, shared about the highs and lows of the team's competition experience: "The Jerry Sanders Design competition itself went well on the first day of competition, we were one of the top scoring teams. Unfortunately after being struck by a flying robot our electronics for our hand (H-bridges) fired and we weren't able to compete anymore."

Learning From the Competition:

Despite the technical setbacks, the team rallied and used the competition as an opportunity to brainstorm about new ways to approach the design challenges and prepare for unexpected events.

"One of the good things we got out of the competition is that we found out what improvements we need to make," said Talarczyk. "The most important improvements for us to do are to make the controls of the robotic arm more natural, do more test runs, protect our electronics as well as have spares and have a better grabber that has more room for error to pick up objects."

Back at IEEE:

While most of the other teams at the Jerry Sanders Design Competition use controllers designed for RC airplanes, the IEEE at UIC Robotics Team has decided to create their own.

"There are different awards given at the competition other than winning such as best design, and most innovative," team member Christopher Magruder said. "We are going to try and blow every one's mind."

Talarczyk said the team has an innovative new design for the controller. "Currently we are hard at work on the robot going for a whole new design for controlling it and it's very exciting. We are trying to make a mechanical arm that the operator wears and when they move the robot will mimic their movements." Find out more about the IEEE at UIC Robotics team

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