Yaskawa Celebrates a Century


Motoman Robotics is a name known far and wide in the robotics industry. But, did you know that Motoman is only part of a larger company called Yaskawa? The Yaskawa Electric Corporation has been alive and well since it was founded in Japan in 1915. Yaskawa has taken the 100-year anniversary as a time to reflect on its accomplishments, while also moving into the future, releasing its new corporate logo this year at Automate 2015.  

“Celebrating our 100 year anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on the values that have made us successful,” stated Junji Tsuda in a press release on Motoman.com. Tsuda is the representative director, chairman, and president of Yaskawa. These values include offering their customers innovative products that continue to push the boundaries in their respective fields. Some of these technological advances include a super synchronous motor, minertia motor, and the Motoman L10 robot, according to the press release.

While Yaskawa began as a mining equipment producer for Daigoro Yasukawa in 1915, it has grown into a massive international company with 28 locations across the globe. As a producer of a variety of drive, motion, and switch electronic products, it makes sense that as robotic technology began to appear, the company would eventually begin to build them as well.

Yaskawa Motoman began operation in 1989, and offers a wide range of robots that can perform virtually any robotic application. Like any proud parent, Yaskawa Electric Corporation has watched Motoman grow over the years, demonstrating a continued passion for automation and continuing to be one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robotics worldwide.

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