Fanuc R-30iB B-Cabinet Controller

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The Fanuc R‑30iB B‑Cabinet is a stan­dard size con­troller cab­i­net that pro­vides ample space for addi­tion­al tech­nol­o­gy and soft­ware. All of the R‑30iB robot con­trollers are built stan­dard with intel­li­gent func­tions such as vision, force and inter­fer­ence check. This con­troller is incred­i­bly effi­cient as it uses intel­li­gent pow­er opti­miza­tion to cre­ate a wide range of ener­gy sav­ing fea­tures. The R‑30iB B‑Cabinet has high-speed motion con­trol that can han­dle up to 4 robots. 

The R30iB B‑Cabinet uses the light­weight, 4D graph­ic iPen­dant, which is user friend­ly and reli­able. The iPen­dant Touch makes it eas­i­er than ever before for pro­gram­mers to inter­act with the R‑30iB B‑Cabinet con­troller. It can dis­play up to two win­dows at a time on the mon­i­tor, and the mon­i­tor can dis­play 3D graph­ics as well as 2D.

This mod­el has iden­ti­cal tech­nol­o­gy to the A‑Cabinet, but also has enough space for addi­tion­al ampli­fiers or I/O mod­ule; mak­ing it per­fect­ly suit­ed for indus­tri­al environments.

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