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FANUC R-30iB B-Cabinet Controller

Product Information

The FANUC R-30iB B-Cabinet is a standard size controller cabinet that provides ample space for additional technology and software.  All of the R-30iB robot controllers are built standard with intelligent functions such as vision, force and interference check.  This controller is incredibly efficient as it uses intelligent power optimization to create a wide range of energy saving features. The R-30iB B-Cabinet has high-speed motion control that can handle up to 4 robots. 

The R30iB B-Cabinet uses the lightweight, 4D graphic iPendant, which is user friendly and reliable. The iPendant Touch makes it easier than ever before for programmers to interact with the R-30iB B-Cabinet controller. It can display up to two windows at a time on the monitor, and the monitor can display 3D graphics as well as 2D.

 This model has identical technology to the A-Cabinet, but also has enough space for additional amplifiers or I/O module; making it perfectly suited for industrial environments.