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FANUC ARC Mate 120iB/10LT
ARC Mate 120iB/10LT Information

The FANUC ARC Mate 120iB/10LT is a six-axis, overhead rail-mounted robot that provides accurate and consistent path performance necessary for welding and cutting.

The Arc Mate 120iB / 10LT RJ3iB industrial robot features the ability to interface with most types of servo driven or indexing positioners while brushless AC servo motors reduce motor maintenance. Fail-safe brakes on all six axes provide added safety to this "mobile" robot that has the ability to service multiple fixtures or large parts, making the Arcmate 120iB a popular robot. Modular rails can be attached to stand-alone support columns with variable height attachment.

There are used ARC Mate 120iB/10LT robots available through RobotWorx, as well. Each reconditioned 120iB/10LT goes through a meticulous process to ensure the robot is in perfect condition and ready to provide maximum results on your production line.  All refurbished robots comes with a RobotWorx Value Package

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 10kg
H-Reach: 1735mm
Repeatability: ± 0.1mm
Robot Mass: 149kg
Structure: Gantry Robot
Mounting: underslung
Robot Motion Speed
J1 2.75 m/s
J2 165 °/s (2.88 rad/s)
J3 175 °/s (3.05 rad/s)
J4 350 °/s (6.11 rad/s)
J5 340 °/s (5.93 rad/s)
J6 520 °/s (9.08 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 +2.4m° - 32m°
J2 ±300°
J3 ±455°
J4 ±400°
J5 ±280°
J6 ±900°
Robot Controllers
Robotic Applications
Arc Welding