FANUC R-30iA Controller

The FANUC R-30iA system controller is advanced technology in a proven, reliable design. Incorporating the FANUC plug-in option concept, this controller gives flexibility for application specific configurations. It also reduces the acceleration and deceleration time for the robot. This leads to a reduced cycle time.

New offerings from this controller include enhanced vibration control and an integrated 2D vision system that is easily upgraded to a 3D vision system. The FANUC R 30iA controller offers the simple download and upload of robot programs to a server.

The efficient cooling system of the FANUC R-30iA features a separated air circuit and cooling by external air for maximum efficiency. Rear to rear air flow saves floor space and allows many controllers to be placed side by side. Other reliability features include the elimination of dust entering the controller through the cooling system and fans on the controller door and rack to ensure optimum cooling of all components.

The FANUC R30iA offers extended axes control of up to 40 axes.