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FANUC R-30iB A-Cabinet Controller

Product Information

The FANUC R-30iB A-Cabinet is an ultra compact, stack-able controller that maximizes your productivity while also minimizing power consumption and energy costs.  It is an incredibly user-friendly and energy efficient controller with the 4D graphic iPendant.  There is also fully integrated iRVision hardware to allow easy error-proofing, 2D and 3D guidance and high-speed precision motion control of 72 axes including up to four robots. 

The R-30iB A-cabinet features 2 small piece cabinets.  One cabinet has the transformer and amps in it while the other has the I/O and operator controls.

This user-friendly controller has integrated, high-performance PMC that has access to the entire robot I/O system, enabling easy control of your robot system. The A-Cabinet is also manufacturer friendly because it saves floor space. One of these compact controllers could be put under an existing structure, like a conveyor. If a manufacturer needs several systems, they can be stacked to save space.