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KUKA KR C4 Controller

Product Information

The KUKA C4 control system emphasizes is more powerful, more intelligent, safer and more flexible then previous models. It emphasizes safety and functionality with the integration of the safety controller system. Additionally, there are huge cost reductions for the integration, maintenance, and servicing of the KR C4.  This system provides seamless functionality without proprietary hardware and employs updated technology, such as Ethernet-based protocols.

The long-term efficiency and flexibility of the systems are increased at the same time. For this reason, KUKA brings to the table its newly developed, ground-breaking, clearly-structured system architecture that creates open and powerful data standards. This allows all integrated controllers – from SafetyControl, RobotControl, and MotionControl to LogicControl – to have a joint database and infrastructure to use and share intelligently. 

The compact KUKA smartPAD allows operators to interact with the C4 control system. A 6D mouse and on board USB port provide new ways to interact with a teach pendant. The smartPAD also includes keys and a large touch screen display.