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Motoman DX200 Controller

Product Information

The Motoman DX200 is a very powerful controller that has increased productivity thanks to its proven core software.  It has a patented multiple robot control that can handle up to 8 robots/72 axes with coordinated motion between devices.  The teach pendant is small, lightweight, and has Windows® CE programming with a color touch screen with multiple window display capability.

The DX200 controller has ARM (Advanced Robot Motion)  that gets best-in-class path planning and dramatically reduces teaching time. Furthermore, this controller has high reliability and energy efficiency. There is less wiring, an improved internal configuration for easier maintenance, reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and ultimately a lower integration costs. 

More advantages include a reduced footprint with the stack-cabinet setup which allows for an additional robot control with electronics.  The cabinet can also include the external axis control with options.   Additionally, it can tackle a wide range of applications such as handling, painting, welding, etc. 

World-leading functional safety is also supported via the DX200 to help with collaborative application development and certification. This controller also has improved security functions, such as: velocity limits, tool conversion surveillance, velocity range restrictions, size of work objects and the robot distance from the operator.