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Motoman FS100 Controller

Product Information

The Motoman FS100 controller is a small, compact, and powerful option for your robot system. The FS100 is 2-4 times faster than the DX100 and is designed for robots with payloads of 20 kg and under. It can easily handle high-speed and discrete operations such as packaging, assembly, and small parts handling operations. There are also open software architecture options that allow OEMS, machine builders, and system integrators to develop custom solutions. 

The FS 100 also has the option to be configured alone or with another FS100 controller for more power.  It can be programmed in Motoman's INFORM language or in C++, C# utilizing our MotoPlus SDK.

Other benefits include faster speeds than previous models increasing your company's profit margins and helping the environment by using less energy.