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ABB IRC5 Controller

Product Information

The ABB IRC5 is a fifth generation robot controller that combines motion control, flexibility, modularity, usability, application interfaces, and safety. It's outstanding quality ensures unmatched up-time as well as offering incredible reliability. The earlier electro-mehcanical switches have been replaced by electric position switches for added safety. Productivity is increased with advanced diagnostics, quick investigation of failures, and real-time monitoring of the robot condition. 

Furthermore, it has the ability to perform all of its tasks with utmost efficiency because of advanced dymanic modelling and the software programs QuickMove and TrueMove.  This enables a predictable and high performance robot with no programming tuning required. 

The IRC5 is a multi-robot controller with PC tool support that optimizes the robot performance for short cycle times and precise movements. This controller is also practically maintenance free and is available in multiple variants to deliver cost-effective performance customized for need. Layouts can be adapted with the use of stacking or side-by-side modules.

When there are interrupted operations, the built-in diagnostic function helps provide fast recovery rates and production restarts.  There is also ABB Remote service available, which is remote monitoring technology

The FlexPendant is paired with the IRC5, that uses RAPID programming language and has a color touch screen and 3D joystick.  The RAPID language is easy to use and is a universal language that supports structured programs, advanced features, and allows highly sophisticated solutions. It offers powerful support for welding and assembly.