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ABB IRC5P Controller

Product Information

The ABB IRC5P is the latest in the line of ABB paint robot control systems. This controller is designed to provide easy, yet quality painting for the paint shop as it utilizes the new Ex FlexPaint Pendant.  This pendant has an intuitive paint user interface with a seamless integration of the paint process. It can be used to test and calibrate your paint process equipment, to jog and program the robot, and to test your paint programs.

Increased up time is to be expected as this control system uses automatic start-up diagnosis, extensive process diagnosis, and fast error log filtering. All of this significantly reduces the time for fault tracing and diagnostics.

The IRC5P integrates the high speed process control, IPS, with superior motion technology. It offers full control of the paint process while reducing paint waste and helping the environment. 

There is also faster installation, commissioning, and easy set up and configuration of IPS RobotWare Paint, RobView 5, and PLC mapping.  RobView 5 enables the management of paint installation with one+ robots, the visualization of the complete paint process, and operation and supervision your paint robot cell.  Additionally, there is automatic adaption to the process configuration during installation.  

The basic version of RobView 5 is standard with the IRC5P controller and it gives you the full overview of the paint robots and process.