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ABB S4C Controller

Product Information

The ABB S4C is the replacement of the S4 controller, but was created to be smaller and lower as the "C" represents compact. The majority of the computer system stayed the same with a few updates to the hardware and software. It is a self-optimizing controller that offers extraordinary user-adaptability, performance, and reliability with a fast boot up time and minimal downtime. The S4C is configurable and scale-able, the S4C is a multi-processor system that can control a single robot arm or a complex workcell system.  The S4C is also much easier to feed with data as it has an optional Ethernet connection. 

If necessary, it can be fitted with more than the 16 I/O inputs and outputs and can also work as a PLC by controlling and monitoring I/O signals. The S4C also offers quick acceleration rates and incredible accuracy with QuickMove functions.  The teach pendant for the ABB S4C is lightweight and portable and offers a joystick and keypad with 5 user-designated keys with a 16 line display.