A Robotic Workcell for Every Industry

Robotic workcells can fit onto every industry production line. Automating your application process will help to increase your worker safety and product throughput. RobotWorx offers customized workcells that include all of the precise needs of their customers.

A Robotic Workcell for Every Industry


Since the 1980s, robotic workcells have been a standard in different manufacturing industries. The automotive and electronics industries use a high number of robots and robot workcells. However, there are other industries that are becoming drivers not only in the use of robotic workcells, but also future applications.

Many industries, including the aerospace, SME manufacturing, food, consumer goods and construction industries are stepping up to use robotic workcells in new ways that save their companies time and money.

The aerospace industry uses robotic workcells for drilling and assembly applications, as well as the quality control of their structural parts. This industry uses workcells because of the precision needed for their machined parts.

The food and consumer goods industries are using robot workcells to make the packaging for products, as well as picking and placing, packaging and palletizing products. Some of these workcells are also food-grade and are designed to handle food products during production and packaging phases.

SME manufacturing uses workcells for the material removal and polishing applications needed for their products made of metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber and wood. Robotic workcells are used because they have a steadier hand and are more accurate during applications like polishing, cutting, deburring, etc.

The construction industry has started to use robotic workcells and other robotics as well to drill, grind and weld beams and other elements made for buildings, power stations, bridges, ships, trains and other structures.

These are just a few of the industries that are using robot workcells in their everyday manufacturing processes.

If you would like to see how a robot workcell could fit into your manufacturing line, RobotWorx is here to assist you! To learn more about the customization of workcells from RobotWorx, contact us today at 877-762-6881.