ABB Automotive Robots

ABB automotive robot systems help to build automotive components, assemble power trains, and automate press applications. The spot welding robots help to increase the productivity on the production line while also maintaining a very stable and consistent spray.

ABB Automotive Robots


When asking around about industrial robots used in the automotive industry, don’t be surprised if one name comes up over and over again – ABB Automotive Robots. ABB Robotics has been rolling out robots for several different purposes since the 1970s, and really jumped on the mid-1980s automobile industry automation boom with their automotive painting robotsfor painting bumpers and other plastic parts.

However, it’s not just about painting when it comes to automotive robots from ABB. In 1990, ABB started to focus on spot welding as well, and was able to obtain strong growth in the American automotive industry, and then in 1994, laid the foundation for growth in the French automotive industry through an acquisition. While the company has branched out to other industries in the last two decades, they still have a strong hold on the auto industry with their ABB robots.

ABB automotive robot systems aren’t just painting bumpers and spot welding car frames anymore either. ABB robots are making automotive components, assembling powertrains and even automating press applications. Of course, the painting and spot welding applications are still viable with ABB automotive robotic systems, and they have been drastically improved in the last 20 years to improve efficiency and accuracy during their applications.

ABB spot welding robots used in the automotive industry help to make the welding application more effective. Spot welding robots from ABB get more welding time than a manual welder would get because of a manual welder’s need to move and adjust. Automotive robot painters from ABB are also more effective than their human counterparts because they are able to spray a consistent, even coat on automotive parts that uses less paint and saves the company money on time and materials.

With all the applications that ABB robots can perform, how can someone choose which system is right for them? That’s simple – call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB Robotics. Our highly-qualified staff of salespeople, engineers and technicians will work with you to find the right new or used ABB automotive robot system for your budget and application.

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