ABB FlexArc Robotic Welding Cells

FlexArc welding cells are built to global standards, saving the operator time and money; they help to ensure top-of-the-line welding operations. The FlexArc cells are modular to make them more adaptable to different production lines.

ABB FlexArc Robotic Welding Cells


To reach maximum productivity, standardized robotic arc welding operations are far more cost-effective than custom-designed welding cells. FlexArc standardized welding cells are designed to deliver top-of-the-line welding operations and are built to a global standard to save the operator time and money.

ABB FlexArc robotic welding cells are complete robot systems available in several flexible and versatile standard modular packages. They are delivered ready to weld and provide the manufacturer with a competitive advantage. Each of the FlexArc Cells is available in a virtual computer format as an identical replica of the real cell in RobotStudio software. They can be programmed offline or on a personal computer.

FlexArc cells are designed using a modular system of standard components that can meet the requirements of most applications. The basic options include either one or two robots equipped with MultiMove. Welding equipment and a choice of ABB parts positioners are included. It is possible to weld completely different parts on either of the two positioner stations.

Fixtures in the cell can be changed or modified on one or both stations if new parts are added or specifications change. The robot will maintain maximum flexibility as it can weld new or different parts.

Benefits of the FlexArc system include reduced downtime, higher quality through process monitoring, short delivery ties, and the two-station principle.

A virtual replica of each FlexArc cell is available on ABB’s website at no charge. Some FlexArc cell options include the 250K MultiMove Cell and the 500C Cell.

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