ABB offers foundry robot protection with Foundry Plus

ABB's Foundry plus program was designed to protect robots in rough conditions where extra wear can occur. Foundry Plus can reduce the risk of downtime and repairs and increase the overall service life. ​

ABB offers foundry robot protection with Foundry Plus


The purpose for ABB to develop Foundry Plus is to protect robots in foundry environments. These conditions are usually rough, and while the robot isn’t human, it can certainly suffer ill effects if it is not properly equipped for its working conditions. Coolants, lubricants, and metal spits contribute to extra wear on the robot, which increases the risk of downtime, repairs, and reduced service life.

Foundry Plus robots are designed based on requirements from lubricants and cooling spray used in die casting machines. An anti-rust primer, protection of wrist joints and flange, and motors sealed with sealing compound are some of its main features.

Robots protected by Foundry Plus are completely sealed from base to wrist against any solid or fluid substances. The unique combination of aluminum chromation and steel primer protection underneath a two-component epoxy paint make the robot completely resistant to daily high-pressure washing.

The optional Foundry Plus 2 protection system ensures the robot can withstand high-pressure steam washing, and it is IP67 compliant and highly corrosion proof. This results in less repairs and a longer lifetime.

Foundry Plus 2 features improved sealings to prevent penetration into electrical compartments, mechanical details designed to the same standard, a corrosion-resistant coating under epoxy paint, application of rest preventives, and additional protection of cabling and electronics.

The main applications of ABB’s Foundry Plus 2 robot protection include: die casting, sand casting, forging, cleaning, machining, ladling, and skimming.

There are multiple types of ABB foundry robots available through RobotWorx. If you do not find the one you want on our product list, let us know and we can still find out if we can supply you a new or used robot for a reduced price. Our experts are available at 877-762-6881 or they can be reached online.