ABB SpotPack – a combination of welding and material handling

ABB SpotPack provides users with several different function packages for welding and material handling applications. The ABB SpotPack is very easy to use while also being very flexible. This means that SpotPack will take less time for users to learn, ultimately saving you time and money.

ABB SpotPack – a combination of welding and material handling


ABB Robotics has been a world leader in the robotics industry for many years. So, when they combined their welding and material handling forces into one robotic package, SpotPack, it definitely got manufacturers’ attention. The SpotPack robotic system from ABB is a fully configured system that can be used for spot welding, as well as a wide range of material handling applications.

Why choose something like the SpotPack from ABB? The versatility of the unit is the first thing that jumps to mind. This ABB SpotPack robot system has several different function packages that can come with the unit. With all of the options, it is hard to decide. Type S and Type Se packages for the ABB SpotPack are dress packages for the spot welding application, with a choice of either a pneumatic or electrical servo-drive gun. Types H is specifically for material handling, while Type HS and HSe are designed as dress packages for a combination of spot welding and material handling applications.

Along with the versatility of the ABB SpotPack, there is also the ease of use. The unit is designed to combine processes, which further adds to the flexibility of the unit. According to the ABB website, the SpotPack is also easy to install and has an easy to understand interface, which means that programming of the unit will not interference with any other machinery close by. Ease of use means that training doesn’t take as long, which means more uptime for the production line.

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