ABB Vision Robots Providing Sight to Automation

Integrated vision technology for ABB's systems is able to further advance a robots vision and ability to sense options. There are a wide range of ABB robots that are able to use vision guidance systems.

ABB Vision Robots Providing Sight to Automation


A robot equipped with an integrated vision system allows it to “see” and find objects that are presented at random. ABB offers vision systems that can handle lighting changes, reflections, and objects touching. Depending on the application, a variety of ABB robots can be used with the following vision guidance systems.

ABB’s PickMaster is a vision identification and inspection tool for picking and packing applications. PickMaster is PC based software that uses comprehensive graphical interfaces to coordinate applications with robots working in a team. It combines powerful vision identification and inspection tools with conveyor tracking for successful and smooth production.

ABB collaborated with SVIA Industrial Automation to bring the PickVision Smart Camera vision system to North America’s industrial robotics market. PickVision equips robots with vision-enabled functionality for machine tool tending systems and can be used in a wide variety of applications. PickVision gives robots the ability to see the parts they are handling, which allows them to easily adjust to different orientations and sizes. The system is tightly integrated with ABB’s IRC 5 controller.

ABB also worked with Braintech, Inc. to promote TrueView Vision Guided Robotic systems. These systems fully integrate Braintech’s SC3D single-camera 3D vision guidance with the eVisionFactory software. Together, ABB and Braintech developed a multi-purpose, highly intelligent system with software, guidance technologies, and robotic equipment. TrueView systems “see and react” in a changing factory environment, and offer several key benefits: flexibility in handling variations is increased, and quality is increased due to automated visual inspection of every part.

MechVisual Inc. released a 3D vision guidance package for ABB’s IRB 6600 industrial robot. MechVisual provides vision guidance for material handling applications. This enables robots to identify an object, and then pick and place. Robots with this vision guidance can locate parts positioned with six degrees of freedom. The new system allows for easy setup, since that is generally the biggest complaint from customers concerning other systems.

RobotWorx offers multiple sizes and payloads of ABB vision robots for many applications. If you are interested in purchasing a new or used ABB vision robot, contact us today for a free quote and to discuss which one is right for you. Our experts are available online or at 877-762-6881.