ABB WISA Technology

ABB has created a technology called WISA to help cut down on the wear and tear of robot cables. The Wireless Interface for Sensors and Actuators will reduce the breakage of cables by transmitting data from sensors to actuators without using cables. This helps to cut down on the maintenance and replacement costs.

ABB WISA Technology


No matter what manufacturers do to protect their cables on robotic systems, eventually there will be wear and tear on the cables, and they will have to be replaced – some more rapidly than others. So, ABB created Wireless Interface for Sensors and Actuators (WISA) technology to cut down on some of the breakage of cables.

So, what is WISA technology by ABB? As mentioned above, it is the wireless transmission of data from sensors to actuators without the use of cables that can break and cause interruptions in the flow of the production line. By using WISA by ABB, manufacturers virtually eliminate these types of interruptions.

One company that has put this technology into practice is an automotive headlamps manufacturer, Hella, a company that produces headlamps for customers like Audi, BMW, Chrysler and GM. Before the use of ABB’s WISA technology, Hella was having at least one signal cable break every week or so, which really slowed down their productivity. According to ABB, despite careful installation of the cables, the rapid movement of the headlamps workcell often led to damaged cables.

By switching to wireless signal transfer with WISA, the company was able to bypass this issue with production interruptions all together. Instead of having signal cables that transfer information from one point to another, it is all done wirelessly, so there are no cables to snap under the rapid movements of their workcell. The WISA technology from ABB was easy for the company to install, and it paid for itself within the first few months through giving the company interruption-free production.

All in all, Hella realized that ABB’s WISA technology system was essential to the future of their production and invested wisely in a technology that easily covered their return on investment, by shortening production time needed to produce headlamps.

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