ABB’s JOKAB Systems Keeps Workers Safe

There are a wide range of JOKAB safety products available from ABB robotics. ABB JOKAB safety offers safety products that can help increase energy savings as they are low voltage. Whether you are looking for safety controllers, fencing systems, safety sensors and switches, or optical safety devices, there are tons of JOKAB safety products available.

ABB’s JOKAB Systems Keeps Workers Safe


ABB Robotics has been developing industrial automation for over forty years, and during that time, they have always kept the safety of the workers in mind. That is why ABB offers an extensive range of JOKAB safety products to pair with their robots that ensure the safety of workers, while also not impeding on the robotic process and performance.

ABB JOKAB Safety offers safety products that are a practical, while also saving you money through energy savings. JOKAB Safety products run a low voltage on ABB systems, which means they do not use as much energy, which will decrease spending, while also giving your company the ability to become more “green” and environmentally-friendly.

There is no end to the amount of JOKAB safety products offered through ABB. Whether you are looking for programmable safety controllers, fencing systems, safety sensors and switches, optical safety devices, safety contact edges and mats, emergency stop devices, safety control devices or other accessories, ABB has you covered. The ABB JOKAB Safety devices will keep your workers from harm, while also keeping away any issues that could cause production to shut down or slow down. Overall, they are great products to pair with your ABB robot or work cell to further boost productivity, while also cutting down on the possibility of shop incidents.

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