Aerospace and Solar Power in Arizona

In Arizona, the use of industrial robots is helping companies stay competitive and produce higher quality products. Solar energy and aerospace industries in Arizona are quickly realizing the benefits of industrial robots and using them to produce top quality products with amazing speeds and precision.

Aerospace and Solar Power in Arizona


With all the open air and sun that is available in Arizona, it isn’t surprising that companies in the solar energy and aerospace industries would take up shop there. There are several ground breaking industries like this in Arizona, and through the use of industrial robotics, these technologies can also remain competitive in their markets and get more products out to consumers at a faster rate.

Gestamp Solar Steel is company from Spain that took up residence in Surprise, Arizona in 2011. The company manufactures parts used in the solar energy industry. These parts need to be cut and assembled, and that can be done more efficiently with the help of industrial robots. By using robots to cut solar panels, manufacturers like Gestamp Solar Steel are all but eliminating the possibility for worker error. If panels are cut more efficiently, then there will be less mistakes and less damage and waste during the production process, which also makes the use of robotics an environmentally-friendly option.

When you’re talking the aerospace industry, you couldn’t get very far without talking about Triumph Engines. This Tempe, AZ based company manufactures, designs and overhauls aftermarket aerospace components. They offer processes like electron beam welding, thermal spraying and milling. These are just some of the applications that are better operated by robotics. By using robotics for these processes, welds will be stronger, spraying will be more even and milling will be more accurate. Overall, robotic technology helps create a better product.

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