All about automotive in Battle Creek, MI

Car manufacturing is a popular industry in Michigan, so it is no surprise that Battle Creek is a producer of pumps and other parts for vehicle motors. Robotic automation helps these companies increase the product quality and consistency for assembly.

All about automotive in Battle Creek, MI


When people think of Michigan, many of them think of car manufacturers. Of course, many also know that car manufacturers, especially in that area, have taken a big hit in the last decade or so. Only in the last couple of years has the car industry began to bounce back into the black. And how did they do this? With the help of robotic automation.

Union Pump in Battle Creek, MI, makes pumps and other parts for vehicle motors. While motors seem big and lumpy, some of their parts are delicate and small. To better handle these parts and assemble them, many companies like Union Pump have turned to robotic automation for their handling and assembly needs. Robots can touch the same piece with the same force every time, which lowers worker error and the possibility of damage to the part.

Two other companies that can benefit from the advantages of robot automation are Flex-N-Gate and II Stanley. Both companies manufacture parts for automobiles. Whether it is a sheet of automotive glass or a plastic piece for the vehicle’s dashboard, these production lines don’t only depend on the robots to move the pieces without breaking them. They also want the robots to remove material from around the pieces to make sure they are uniform and will fit into the designated area on the vehicle. This kind of precision accuracy can only be found the guided hands of a robot.

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