Aluminum Welding with Fanuc robots

Fanuc robots has industry leading robots in a variety of applications, including aluminum welding. Aluminum welding is becoming widely popular in automotive and other industries and they are using Fanuc robots for the job. Aluminum welding is more challenging, so it is important for the operator to understand the process. ‚Äč

Aluminum Welding with Fanuc robots


Aluminum welding is a process that is becoming more and more common in the automotive and other industries as companies are opting for aluminum over steel construction. Many of these manufacturers turn to Fanuc Robotics and their line of aluminum welders to handle this task.

Aluminum welding is more difficult aesthetically than steel welding because it is not as forgiving. It is important that the manufacturer and the robot operator understands the process of welding aluminum and how to control it so that any pitfalls may be sidestepped before they start.

When using Fanuc for aluminum welding, manufacturers can turn to the ARC Mate series of robots. The Fanuc article states that these robots can do the work of ten welders with outstanding cosmetic and quality standards.

For Fanuc, the aluminum welding process is broke down into sections: starting with the arc, weld formation, weld deposition, arc ending and burn back. Once a robotic aluminum welding system gets through starting the arc, the hardest part of aluminum welding is over.

From there, it is a matter of deciding which welding technique will be used for the aluminum work piece. There are three different techniques, including run-in, ramping and direct entry. Run-in is the most common technique for aluminum welding. However, if manufacturers do not want to use run-in, they can use ramping for thicker materials and direct entry for thinner materials.

If the manufacturer is using a Fanuc aluminum welder, the quality of the weld will be increased because of the weld stabilization process and weld deposition will be higher. Then the weld is ended and the weld wire is separated from the weld puddle during burn back.

With Fanuc Robotics, aluminum welding is just a matter of following the steps and proper programming.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc Robotics, has several aluminum welding options available for our customers. If you are looking for an aluminum welding robot option, contact us online or at 877-762-6881.