Benefits of Plasma Cutting

Robotic plasma cutting offers higher cutting speeds, multitasking with ease, increased safety, and the ability to work with a multitude of materials. Industrial robots are very economical solutions to integrate to your current production line.

Plas­ma cut­ting has many ben­e­fits, which has made it an attrac­tive appli­ca­tion in many dif­fer­ent indus­tries. This cut­ting process uses a gas jet, charged at great speeds to cut met­al up to six inch­es thick at very high temperatures.

The advan­tages of robot­ic plas­ma cut­ting are numerous:

  • Cut­ting Speed – Robot­ic plas­ma cut­ters are five times faster than tra­di­tion­al, man­u­al torch­es, and are able to cut up to 500 inch­es per minute.
  • Wide Range of Mate­r­i­al and Thick­ness – Plas­ma cut­ting robots can make pre­cise cuts in a vari­ety of met­als and thick­ness­es. These plas­ma cut­ters use nitro­gen, which enables them to cut steel, alu­minum and oth­er metals.
  • Ease of Use – Robot plas­ma cut­ters require mar­gin­al train­ing, mak­ing them user-friendly.
  • Mul­ti-task­ing – Robot plas­ma cut­ting sys­tems are not just lim­it­ed to cut­ting. They can be used as gauges, lin­ing up mate­r­i­al perfectly.
  • Safe­ty – This cut­ting appli­ca­tion uses gas that is not high­ly flam­ma­ble, elim­i­nat­ing some of the safe­ty haz­ards with gas cut­ting procedures.
  • Eco­nom­i­cal – Plas­ma cut­ting is a cost effec­tive appli­ca­tion – it is less expen­sive than laser or water-jet cutting.
  • Keeps Mate­ri­als Cool – Despite oper­at­ing at high tem­per­a­tures, plas­ma cut­ting robot­ic sys­tems can keep the sur­face of mate­ri­als cool. This pre­vents warp­ing and dam­age to paint and oth­er coatings.

These many advan­tages add up to an appli­ca­tion that will not only cut pro­duc­tion and labor costs, but will also improve the qual­i­ty of your product.

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Jun 13, 2013